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Perfect Wisdom empowers imperfect humans who want to live their best, most authentic lives, to move out of fear and into a place of love by finding their own authentic alignment, honoring their truths, using the power of their voice, and taking up their space in this world.

Look, can we talk openly for a minute?

I really want you to find your own magic. 


The kind that comes from authentic alignment with your Higher Self. The magic of knowing who you are, what your purpose is, and boldly putting it out there. The magic of your voice. The magic of laughter that bubbles up and erupts. The magic of your unique gifts and talents. The magic of your light. The magic of you.

It's been a rough couple of years, right? The kind of couple of years that can break a person. You've been living in fear, possibly re-triggering trauma, and not because of anything in your control. 

But you can regain control. Just by being here, you've taken the first step toward doing just that.

Trauma doesn't understand timing. Growth doesn't wait until it's convenient. Authenticity shows up at your door expecting that you'll have a room ready, despite the fact that she didn't bother to call or send a postcard telling you that she was on her way. Yet, here she is, waiting for you to embrace her even though there may be parts of her that you've never met before in your life. There may even be parts that you never wanted to meet before now.

Yet the impact of trauma + change + time and the ways in which we process our experiences is what ultimately determines whether our experiences cause us to to live our lives from fear or from love. 

Nothing about your past - not trauma, not mistakes, not poor decisions, not unresolved issues, absolutely nothing - determines who you are. You determine who you are. 

Your magic... it's inside of you. 

Wanting to burst forth. 

Wanting to explode outward and light up the whole darn world

In fact, it's been there all along. It's just been tucked away, waiting for you to discover it. 

And now? Now we're going to reveal it. All of it. Because, you? You deserve love. You deserve peace. You deserve fulfillment. 


Together, we're going to find the Perfect Wisdom inside of you.

Hi, friends!
I'm Faith.

Tarot Interpreter. Reiki Master Practitioner. Authentic Alignment Coach. Shamanic healer. Certified Integrative Psilocybin Mushroom Specialist.

My gift is guiding souls to heal through their own Perfect Wisdom. My superpower, according to a recent note I received, is making others feel seen and heard.

Let's begin with the elephant in the room... err, on my leg. Faith, why are you baring so much of yourself in that photo?

Because it's what I do, my friends, and it's what I would love to teach you to do as well. No, I'm not talking about baring your skin, but I am talking about baring your Self - showing up in your authenticity and owning yourself, exactly as you are, in this moment, without fear, shame, or judgment.

In my world, revealing your inner Perfect Wisdom comes in many forms - reiki, tarot, Infinite Possibilities teaching, Money Magician classes, and trauma-aware eNLP coaching. 

For me, tapping into Spirit, feeling my way through big decisions while sitting in my heart space, and the inner Knowing of what to do next

intuitively -  to heal and support

myself was what started me on this journey. Maybe you can relate... 

If you've struggled with trauma or with feeling as though you're out of alignment with your Self (and who hasn't?) and you're hearing the call to reclaim your Self... for yourself... 

I'm here. 


I have been working with Faith for several months now. After carrying around a lifetime of trauma and enduring an incredibly tough year, I knew I needed to find someone to work with; someone I was in complete alignment with. I searched for nearly six months before finding Faith. When I did, she told me everything I needed to hear in that moment. I didn't know at the time who she was or what, exactly, she did, but I felt intuitively drawn to her. Working with her has cleared many of my blockages and allowed me to heal in so many ways. I still have quite a ways to go but I'm here for it. All of it. I am so grateful for the wisdom, the gentle guidance, support, courage, and grace she has offered to me along the way.


Josephine, IN


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