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... it's my name, but it's also a way of being.

I've always had faith inside of me. A belief that - even if I couldn't see it - it was still real. There have always been faith, hope, and love. So cheesy, right? But so true. 

It's the foundation of all of my intuitive work, from tarot and reiki to alignment coaching.

My Story

While my path to intuition was winding (whose isn't?!)... I've met and studied with Shamans. I've researched and practiced various techniques to heal the body. I've studied and earned degrees in herbalism and aromatherapy.

Oh, and I also spent two decades in corporate and non-profit finance, with the second decade spent in executive leadership. (Surprised you, didn't I?)

The path is rarely straight. 

But the signs were there along the way... 

✨ my immediate and intuitive connection with tarot cards

✨ radios that mysteriously turned on or off without live human intervention

✨ plant medicine that kept colliding with my world

✨ and the intuition that I couldn't outrun (nor would I want to! Anymore, that is...)

I know that intuition saves lives. Intuition guides lives. Intuition is the foundation of the Knowing we all have inside of us. You have it too. 

Now, I honor my gifts of connecting to Spirit, tapping into intuition, and working with energy in the human field because transformation takes many forms. I am here to support you as you find and journey through your own. 

To know me is to know... 

I meditate in the mountains and am washed clean by the ocean. 

I feel everything, deeply. 

I see the magic in you... and I know that you will too.

I hold judgment-free space for all of my clients. LGBTQ+/Kink/ENM informed and friendly. 

Need laymans' terms? I am a trauma-conscious ENLP-certified transformational Master coach who employs elements of quantum physics and other energetic modalities to empower physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and energetic healing.

Clifftop Yoga

"The Universe buries strange jewels deep within

us all and then stands back to see if we can 

find them." - Elizabeth Gilbert

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