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Transformation is an inside job, but a coach can catalyze the experience.

Reveal the deep layers of what's happening and have ongoing support and tools to realize your own magic. 

Trauma-aware coaching supports you in letting go of the fear and stepping into love on your healing path. 

Every client follows their own journey. Coaching is individualized and customized to your specific experience and desired outcomes. Even though I am a spiritual coach, this journey is about YOU finding your own authentic alignment, which means that the process is facilitated by me, but has absolutely nothing to do with me otherwise.

Past clients have experienced:

  • Great joy and fulfillment in their daily lives

  • Clarity of their life's purpose and what they were meant to do

  • Sense of freedom around decision making and opportunities in their lives. 

  • Growth and transformation of their businesses and flourishing careers

  • Confidence in themselves without second guessing their decisions. 

Find out if Authentic Alignment Coaching is right for you...

Meditate at the beach

"Faith is a warm, friendly presence whose coaching style inspires immediate trust and confidence. She is naturally gifted at setting the tone and putting one's mind at ease to focus on the work and explore at a deep level. She is also highly perceptive and intuitive and encourages her clients to trust their inner guidance as well. Coaching with Faith is an absolute pleasure!"

-Jennifer, CA

"Working with Faith, I had the thought that it was like a cross between timeline work [QTR] and a Shamanic journey and my next thought was, 'Of course it is; it's Faith'."

-Tracey, Ontario

"I know I wouldn't have woken up to pursue this kind of specific healing for a while longer, bur your words helped nudge me awake. So, really, truly, thank you. You're doing some wonderful work."

-Alika, CO

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