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Navigating the emotional waters of mastectomy can be frightening.

If you are feeling confused, overwhelmed, afraid, or uncertain, please know that you're not alone. It's completely normal to experience these feelings.

I want to invite you to experience the support of a community of women who are going through similar experiences. This group coaching program is specifically designed to provide emotional preparation and support for women like yourself who are facing mastectomy.

I understand that preparing for or recovering from a mastectomy can be an incredibly challenging and emotional journey.

I understand the mind-body-spirit connection.

I understand cellular memory.


I understand how much we - women - tend to bury and store in our breasts throughout our lives.


There's so much more than most of us even think to acknowledge, and the mastectomy journey unearths them all. 

There is so much to be considered here beyond the amputation of a functional part of a woman's anatomy, although that simple truth cannot be overlooked either, despite the fact that it is rarely ever put so bluntly. There are also complex emotional challenges to be addressed.

Key Benefits of this Program: 

1. Community of Understanding: You'll be surrounded by women who truly understand what you're going through. While every journey is unique, sharing the experiences, fears, and triumphs of our individual journeys in a safe and supportive environment can provide immense comfort and validation. 

2. Expert Guidance: This program is led by an experienced facilitator who is an expert in emotional resilience and coping strategies, as well as a woman who has stood in your shoes. I will provide you with the tools and resources you need to navigate these emotional waters with strength and courage. 

3. Holistic Support: We address a wide range of emotional aspects related to mastectomy, including fear, anxiety, body image issues, and more. The goal is to support you holistically, addressing both your emotional and practical needs. 

8 Week Group Coaching Program
ONLY $333

If you prefer to make payment through Venmo, Zelle, or PayPal, please contact me directly at to complete your registration. 

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