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A man holding up a black top hat with money falling out of it


Empowered Money Mastery

In your money breakthrough we will:

Tarot cards, a candle, a burnt stick of palo santo, a wooden box for tarot cards, and hundred dollar bills

You don't have to continue to pretend to have it all figured out with money. Let me give you the tools to create Money Magic. 

Friends, I understand. I have had anxiety about money. I have been lucky enough to have an excellent salary, but still struggled to pay my monthly expenses. I paid off debt multiple times, only to watch it re-accumulate, higher than it had previously been. I couldn't understand why I couldn't break out of that cycle. 


And then I became a Money Magician.

My friend and fellow transformational coach, Emily Jameson, and I created Empowered Money Mastery because we needed money breakthroughs. We needed to illuminate our own money stories, to understand their origins, to acquaint ourselves with their lessons, and to choose our own money adventures in the future. 

But we weren't prepared for the results, and we immediately understood that we needed to share them with others -
with you

Everybody's money story is different, but everybody's money story can be rewritten.

It's time to free yourself from the shackles of debt, to release the anxiety and guilt about money that you carry, and to create the channels that will allow wealth and abundance to flow freely.

Are you ready to be a part of the next alchemical process?

Are you ready to finally change your money story?

A headshot of Faith Koltak

Presented by Faith Koltak,
Founder & CEO of Perfect Wisdom Authentic Alignment

Faith is a certified trauma-conscious transformational  master coach.

Her certifications include:

Evolved Neurolinguistic Programming 

Master Practictioner

Quantum Time Release™ Practitioner

 Quantum Change Process Practitioner


Additionally, Faith is a Reiki Master, energy worker, herbalist, and aromatherapist. She also holds graduate degrees in Business Administration (MBA) and Accountancy (MSA).


Faith works to empower others to find their own inner insight and wisdom, to leave behind the little voice at the back of the head that whispers messages of being "less than," to release and transmute unsupportive emotions and limiting beliefs, and to step into their authenticity and magic, in all aspects of their lives - including money! 

Empower Me

I Want To Be A Money Magician!

May this moment be your catalyst! We'll be in touch.

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