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Quantum Time Release

Quantum.... what?!

Quantum Time Release (QTR) is a unique and transformational time-based, multi-dimensional technique to gently release the weight of subconscious blocks, such as negative emotions and limiting beliefs. QTR integrates energy work, denial clearing, and alchemic forgiveness through a meditative experience that allows you to heal difficult, painful, and/or traumatic events without re-living those events or the specific content of the event.


Quantum Time Release is similar in many ways to a guided meditation, although it is a bit more participatory. I will teach you how to identify and move along your timeline; your unconscious mind will do the rest, leading you to the places where you are able to easily connect with your Highest Self in order to gain learnings that will allow you to easily and effortlessly release the negative emotions found inside of the events. 

This process clears at least five negative emotions, as well as any limiting beliefs you may have when you come in for your session, or any that may come up as we work along the timeline.

After a QTR session, clients feel lighter and more empowered, with clear insights and a greater sense of love, freedom, joy, peace, and abundance.

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