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I want more information on Plant Ally Guided Journeys!

First, an important disclaimer: Under Colorado law, it is illegal to sell psilocybin so, no, I don't sell it and I don't know where you can purchase it. I do know people who will share it with my clients, but if you're just looking to trip on 'shrooms recreationally, you're in the wrong place. That's not a judgment; it's just not in right relationship with my offerings, and I do not know anyone willing to share psilocybin if you and I do not have a therapeutic relationship.

For those of you who are looking for something deeper... something potentially life-changing...

Why psilocybin?

There are a number of reasons that psilocybin may be effective in ways that pharmaceuticals, talk therapy, and other modalities aren't. Psilocybin attaches to the serotonin 2A receptors, whereas antidepressants work on serotonin 1A receptors. There are a number of theories related to why that makes a difference, but one thing that we do know is that psilocybin is able to move through cell membranes easily to work on the receptors within nerve cells; serotonin is not able to cross those membranes by simple diffusion. 

We also know that psilocybin has a longer-lasting effect on the 2A receptors than pharmaceuticals have. The effects of a single therapeutic dose of psilocybin can last for up to three months.

If you're interested in learning more about whether a psilocybin journey may be a good option for your healing journey, let's have a conversation about where you are, why you're considering psilocybin, and what your healing goals are. If you simply have additional questions about psilocybin, I'm here to answer those as well.

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