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Faith Koltak, sitting at a table with tarot cards spread out, smiling at the camera


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Tarot. You're either into it or... you're curious about it. 😉

I get it. It's still seen with an air of mystical woo. It's taboo or dangerous... maybe even (dare I say?!) forbidden.

If you're curious... 
✨ You do not have to be 'spiritual' to read tarot. Anyone can learn the cards; however, intuition plays a part in expanding on the interpretations. 

✨ Tarot cards will give you a balanced view of a situation; however, always remember that you have free will to determine your path (i.e., if Death comes up on your reading, don't freak out!)


So many people use tarot to support them in understanding the world around them. It's like holding a mirror up to a situation in order to see if from another perspective. You may not always like what you see, but that glimpse gives you another interpretation... all your own.

Readings are often misunderstood. Messages don't come from the cards; rather, they come through the cards. The cards are a tool that my Guides - and yours - use; a roadmap of sorts that allow me to untangle the many threads of information that are coming through in a way that is efficient and most useful to you. 

Tarot readings are no more or less "psychic" than a reading that doesn't utilize cards. In fact, some of my most powerful channeled messages have come through during tarot sessions.


I can provide a psychic reading without cards, if you prefer, but I find those readings to be less dynamic than tarot readings.

Please be aware that mediums can never guarantee an ability to connect with the loved one that you most hope will come through, although we always make every effort. Someone will always come through; it's just not always the person you have your heart set on talking to.


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1 Hour Deep-Dive Reading
$150 USD

Tarot cards, candles, a clock, and crystals

Deep-Dive Virtual Session w/ Emailed Results
$50 USD

Tarot cards, runes, crystals, a candle, and herbs
Tarot cards, candles, crystals, and books of ancient wisdom and knowledge

30 Minute Micro-Session
$60 USD

Note: I highly recommend deep-dive Tarot sessions to fully explore the intuitive interpretations of the cards.

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Faith Koltak, sitting at a table with tarot cards spread out, smiling at the camera


Has tarot been a calling that you've yet to answer?

Are you curious? Intruigued? Perhaps you've just been waiting for the right teacher to come along.

Want to know more?


Learn the Basics of Tarot with me absolutely free!

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